June 3, 2013

Twas my birthday!!! - PART DEUX

Ciao miei cari!

Bonjour mes cheris!

Hola mis queridos!

Hello my dears!!!

So, in my last post, I was sharing about my buffday, innit?

Carrying on...

These girlfriends of mine were dillydallying, while I was itching to go out and do a little dancing. Mostly because I'm taking part in this Global Corporate Challenge and I've set my daily step average to 12,500 (My average is currently 7,000 or so, so I gotta step up - pun intended :p). I stayed rocking by myself. All I need is music :)

Anyways, the dillydallying continued, until I got tired of dancing in the living room by my onesies and went to the dining room with the other girls.

 We were gisting about random things, and then it happened...
CAKES!!! He walked in and well...

I was like this for almost 2 minutes. My friends started getting worried :p

Cue the tears...

Despite what the cake says, I don't remember actually saying YES. So does this mean I'm technically not engaged? :p

YEAH RIGHT! BERRY CAKES 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. One of my very best friends in the world (Jodyyyyyyyyyyy), got engaged on Saturday night, and I'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS to her as well. Oh, and another girl (Dodo!!!!!!!!!!) at the dinner party had gotten engaged a week before me. So MORE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

There's one more part to the story. While I didn't go to Ghana, I went on a road trip with my newly minted fiancé.

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  1. Aww, congratulation! Your ring is GORGEOUS! And your birthday outfit looks really really nice...wishing you all the best, congrats again!

  2. congrats, got engaged on saturday too


  3. Awwwwwww, Yipeeeeeeeee congratsssssss dearie. Your ring is beautiful and you looked stunning. God bless this new phase of your life. Mmmuuahhh


  4. Congratulations Anita. I read the post after this and was confused. I 'm like huh? cakes? who? had to go back to read.

  5. Love LOVE!!! Congratulations again honey! Cheers to you and your new beau! :)

  6. Love LOVE!!! Congratulations again honey! Cheers to you and your new beau! :)

  7. OMG! Are you serious? Wow. So so cool. So tell me, did you suspect anything at all before that day?

    1. Hehe. Yeah, he was acting weird a couple of days before.

  8. Congrats berrychocolatte cakes!!

  9. Congratulations Berry!!!

  10. awwwww #toocute so happy for you, Berry

  11. Awwwwwwwwww congratulations!!! Love it!

  12. Aww. Congratulations to both of you. Your ring is lovely!!!

  13. Congratulations!!!!! God bless you and yours all the way!

  14. Thank you Kome, Lohi, Lady ID, and Nikki!


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