June 7, 2013

Am I getting old?

Bonjour ma petite jolie!

I beg you to notice something. I didn't ask if I'm getting oldER. Because, well, obviously everyone gets older. But my question today is "Am I getting old?"

Here's why I'm asking...

At some point in my life, a good number of people, when asked about me, would say "Oh, yeah I know Berry - strutting around, catwalking like she owns the world..." At this point in my life, I feel like anyone who knows me would say, "Ah yes, bless her heart, she can't walk in heels."




Anyone who knows me from my college days would probably find it very hard to believe that Mzz**** (my former nickname. It's still valid actually) would rather wear FLATS, WEDGES and KITTEN HEELS now.

*posting pictures for the purposes of those who don't know what I'm talking about*



Kitten Heels

The problem is that when I wear heels these days, my knees, feet and/or back start feeling funny, or even ache sometimes. It's really quite annoying. And because I'm in pain, I can't STRUT MY STUFF! *wails*

What's a girl to do???

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  1. Agba ti n de. Get a yoruba person to translate that for you. Lol

  2. lol..it comes with age,

    or sometimes you just choose comfort over fashion (that's what I tell myself) so no you aren't getting old

  3. @ilola - LOL! You're just wikid!

    @sheilasmusings - Girl, comfort over fashion o! But I may have to invest in really pretty flats and kitten keels in the near future. Or platform block heels.


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