April 12, 2021

Discipline and Mom Guilt as a Toddler Mom

Your favorite threenager has been testing me!

Don't let her cuteness and smiles fool you - she comes with toddler behavior too (tantrums, screaming when you take things from her, pouting, refusing to listen, jumping up and down when she's very upset, etc).

Half of the time, in those moments I simply ignore her and continue doing what I was doing beforehand. Other times, I go between scolding, threatening, and when I've reached the end of my rope, spanking her.

And then comes the guilt...
"Am I raising her correctly?"
"Why does she act this way?"
"Am I a bad mother?"
"It's because I'm a single mom and there's no direct fatherly influence."
"I'm not strict enough with her."
"I'm not attentive enough to her."
"My nieces/nephews didn't act like this."
"It's because I don't have koboko."
"I let her watch too much TV."
"I let her play too much."
"I should have a super strict schedule."

If I allow it, the guilty feeling goes on and on and I find fault with everything I'm doing or not doing.

Y'all pray for your toddler mum friends out there o! It's not easy.

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