April 1, 2021

A Throwback and a Giveaway!

 It's Throwback Thursday!!!!!!!!!!

Who remembers how I started blogging in the very first place?

If you don't remember, I'm about to remind you - The Aje-Butter's Guide to NYSC blog! In case you're newer, I started blogging in December 2011 about my NYSC service year (see my very first blog post ever!). I moved back to Nigeria in June 2011 to start NYSC and decided to blog about my experience. After the year was over, I had enjoyed blogging so much, I decided to start this one. I've spent the last hour going through that old blog and JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMN, I was a TOTAL HOTTIE (see photos from this post where I re-rocked my NYSC uniform in different ways)!!!! Please somebody should help me figure out how to get that body back with minimal effort. Thanks in advance.

Anyway, I'm here reminiscing because earlier this year, I was tagged on a post on Instagram. The post was by Tunmise Usikalu, author of Memoirs of a Lazy Korfa. In 2004, seven years before I started NYSC, Tunmise embarked on her service year and kept a journal during the 3-week camp stay. 

FUN FACT: Her [former] brother-in-law gave her the idea of keeping a journal... and he's been on this blog from my trip to Ibadan!!! The world is indeed VERY SMALL.

Anyway, Tunmise wrote daily in her journal while in camp and afterwards, was encouraged to publish her entries as a book. It took only 16 years and VOILA - Memoirs of a Lazy Korfa was published.

 Today, April 1st, marks the first anniversary of the book and we are collaborating to give away 5 copies!!! I've read the book myself and it brought back so many memories for me (good and cringeworthy) and I know for sure you'll enjoy this very light and easy read. 


  1. Leave a comment answering the question:
    If you went through NYSC, what state did you serve in? If you didn't, what state would you have wanted to serve in?
  2. Bonus entries for Instagram: follow @lazykorfa, search for the giveaway post on @berrydakara and answer the question on IG!
This giveway is open to everyone regardless of location!

A winner will be randomly chosen this weekend!

Below are a few more photos from when I was in camp in 2011.


  1. Lool, one of my closest friend introduced me to your NYSC blog when I moved back unexpectedly in 2013. Your blog was REALLY helpful. Thank you.

    For the giveaway question, I served in Lagos State (thank God πŸ™πŸΎ).

  2. Awww.... thank you, Berry! I am so glad you enjoyed reading Memoirs of a 'Lazy Korfa'! I love the link between blogging and NYSC for you. I was reading your NYSC blog the other day and definitely felt like I could have written some sections of it and they would have fit very neatly into Memoirs too - not a lot of change going on there then!🀦🏾‍♀️πŸ˜‚ PS: Please pass on that minimal effort secret once you've figured it out abeg. Haha!❤️


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