December 7, 2018

Berry Lovely Links

Hey there!

How was your week? I hope you had a good one. I have had a pretty long week, and I wish I could get a chance to rest this weekend, but I might be quite busy with some Christmas shopping. What are you up to?

  1. Who wants to learn How to Become Financially Independent in 5 Years?
  2. I absolutely loved reading this piece about Anthony Bourdain from GQ Magazine.
  3. And I also absolutely loved this article on What It Means to Dress in Lagos! Shout out to Bayo Oke-Lawa - we served in the same company during NYSC although he was ahead of me. 
  4. I know I'm not this big, but I wish I could dress my body the way she dresses hers - see Girl's Guide to Fabulous Plus Size Style.
  5. If you don't have space for a Christmas tree, check out A Pair and A Spare for space-saving DIY Christmas tree ideas (Hanging Branch, String Lights and Shelves)
  6. Based on what I read, I may need this. Here are 3 Signs You Need Emotional Boundaries In Your Life
And here's a bonus link for you to download my Berry Dakara Goal Getter Guides, if you haven't already done so. 

FUN FACT: I'm meeting with my sister and cousin for our Tea With Cubes planning session (see our Youtube channel here). It was preparing for this meeting that birthed the Goal Getter Guides :)

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