December 22, 2018

BERRY VLOG: Money Mistakes and Lessons of 2018

If anyone had told me that I would be in more debt at the end of this year than last year, I would have rolled my eyes and dismissed them. After the amount of debt that was sprung on me last year, I promised myself that I would be more vigilant with my finances this year. Alas, I was more vigilant, BUT I still made some mistakes that put me thousands of dollars in more debt. Typically, I would be wailing and crying about how much money I owe (thank God for payment plans by the way), but I've finally come to the realization that I can learn from my mistakes and correct them going forward. In this video, sponsored by Clever Girl Finance, I shared what those mistakes were and the lessons I've learned regarding money in 2018.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your unique perspective on some of the money challenges we all face. There were so many useful nuggets of information in that video especially the point about separating needs from wants. I am learning to do that a bit better and hoping to finally pay off my student loans in 2019. -

    1. Thanks Jamila. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I wish you all the best with paying off your student loans this year. I'm sure you'll be so relieved when you make that final payment.


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