November 26, 2018

8 Things I'm Grateful For in 2018

Hey everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving in arrears! Today I want to share 8 things that I'm most grateful for this year. I have been doing a challenge on Instagram this month, where I share something I am thankful for every day. Some of them have been silly, while others are more deep and thoughtful. I'm not copying verbatim what I have posted on Instagram, but I do want you guys who aren't on social media to thank God with me, and also hopefully share the things you've been thankful for this year so far.

  1. I'm really grateful for my new job. It came through in the nick of time - as my financial obligations were just about to increase kinda dramatically. In July, my plan was to just try and manage my income until my savings were depleted, and possibly quit my job to stay home and watch Cocoa. But today, while my savings account has reduced, I have been able to meet those financial obligations AND MORE! God has come through so much for my little family! I still need a different job sha - this is certainly nowhere near where I want to be, but it's a stepping stone.
  2. Clever Girl Finance. I put up a blog post about this Personal Finance program that I've been a part of. My mindset has changed quite a lot since I started the program, and I've been able to manage and plan my finances a lot better. The fact that I look forward to pay day, not for shopping purposes, but to plan and budget says a lot! Learn more about the program here.
  3. Little Miss Cocoa is the most joyful aspect of my life, I can't even lie. She's a year and a half old now, and I'm still amazed that 1) I'm a mother, and 2) I'm HER mother. She's such a delight to everyone who interacts with her and I can't ever thank God enough for my Cocoa Bean!

  4. Back to Blogging!!! You guys know that I lost my mojo there for a quite a while. A lot of things were going south for me, and I actively considered shutting down and deleting my blog and Youtube (even my social media accounts). But somehow, I didn't and I've been back for the past few months, posting regularly. I realize that the Blogging world has changed - there are a lot more bloggers, and much fewer comments. However, I do like to write and share. I'm looking for ways to ensure that the content I create is more relevant, relateable, inspiring to you. While I want to keep sharing my life and experiences, I don't want to come to a place where if things are going bad for me, then my blog is affected. I want to reach out no matter what. Regardless, I'm thankful to be back to blogging.
  5. Tea With Cubes. In case you didn't know, I cohost a web talk show with my sister and cousin. Around this time last year, they both approached me with the idea of a live talk show on social media. To be very honest, I secretly hoped it was just talk... but they fully intended to make it happen. It came at a very trying time for me, and I wasn't sure if I could handle any added responsibility. But it served as a distraction for me, and turned into something that I want to see grow and touch women's lives in our circle of influence.

  6. Family. This includes my nuclear family, my extended family, my friends-turned-family, and my e-family. The amount of support that has come my way this past year has been incredible! I have been supported offline and online. I have been given advice (taken some, declined some). And FYI, support doesn't mean the absence of admonition and correction. In what has been the toughest year of my life, I have been prayed for, provided for, spoken to, encouraged, and so much more! And I am thankful. God bless you!
  7. Travels! I did quite a bit of traveling this year - most of them planned a long time in advance. Internationally, Cocoa and I traveled to Nigeria, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Honduras (the last three were courtesy of our family cruise vacation). Domestically, we hit up Dallas, New York, Detroit and Tennessee. A lot of my content this year has come from those trips - from my cruise vacation series (which I have not completed), to my Travel with Baby series. I'm looking forward to more trips in 2019 - Canada here we come!!!

  8. God. I thank God for Himself. For being there even when I felt darkness closing in around me. For the words He spoke to me, and still speaks to me. For loving me when I didn't feel worthy of anyone's love. For providing for me time and time and time and time and time again. For reminding me that He created me to be me. For forgiving me for ALL my sins... ALL OF THEM! For wanting me to just slow down and be with Him (I've failed on this sha). For the whispers to my spirit. For being my Father, Saviour, and Counselor.
I originally intended to write out 18 things I've been grateful for - because 2018. But I didn't anticipate writing as much as I did, so we'll go with 8.

What have you been thankful for this year so far?


  1. Lovely to read such positive vibes from you. God indeed has been good. It seems you have achieved a lot this year, and have handled the increased responsibility so well. Congrats on the new job! And Cocoa is such a sweetheart!


    1. Thanks Madeline! I'm not even sure how I've achieved much, if anything. I told my sister just yesterday that I feel like an underachiever (I need to learn to speak more positively about myself).

      Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  2. I am thankful for friends that have submitted through one of the hardest year of my life;losing my dad. God loving me unconditionally even when i felt unworthy, a job that even if it isn't is my dream job, paid the bills. Most importantly the gift of life, i was so depressed and suicidal this year.
    ps. Thank you Berry, your post on not being in a good space, helped tell me i wasnt alone in having bad days, God bless you for writing.

    1. Oh no! I'm really sorry about your father. I pray for comfort for you and your family.

      And I pray that even in the darkest times, you will find that God is right there with you like He promised.

      And you're welcome...

  3. Hi Berry. This was a really nice read. I think I also need stop my life fron affecting my blogging. Ive only done 3 posts this year *gasp* i want to be more consisent in 2019.


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