November 6, 2018

Clever Girl Finance Review

I found out about Clever Girl Finance a couple of years ago - maybe three actually. I was pleasantly surprised to find a website/blog run by a Nigerian lady just like me, breaking down personal finance topics in ways that were easy, manageable and fun to read. I started sharing some of her posts in my Lovely Links, as I wanted to share the wealth (pun intended).

About a year and a half ago, I signed up for the Clever Girl Finance Academy, which is a program Bola started to provide courses that teach women how to manage and build their personal finances. The Clever Girl Finance program has undergone a couple of transformations in the past year, and I love the newest one. 

The Clever Girl Finance courses is pretty affordable - you can either pay a lump sum of $100 or $10 monthly, and you have one year to complete the course offerings. It's available internationally, so don't think you can sign up only if you're in the US. Some of the courses include Budgeting, Investing, Debt Repayment, Side Hustles, and more! Bola's team has been adding courses as well, so if there's something missing, you can feel free to contact her as a member and she'll see what can be done. The program also includes live monthly coaching calls, and topics like Finances in a Relationship to Buying a Home have been covered. There is also a monthly Book Club (that I'm behind on), but it recommends great books that help you organize your personal finances.

Since being a member, I've made sure to save money for short and long term goals. What I like about Bola and her team, is that even when you slip up and make mistakes (like impulsively buying a purse you know you don't need), they let you know to forgive yourself and guide you back on track. The Facebook group for members of the program is VERY supportive. I've gotten great advice from other members here and there. We celebrate each other's wins, and empathize and encourage when we're going through hard times.

I remember earlier this year, when reading a personal finance book, the exercise was to take a financial snapshot. I went to find my notebook that I first started Clever Girl Finance with - and when I saw how much debt I've paid off in the past year on a meager salary, I wept. Like, doubled over, on my knees, wailing. I had not been keeping track of how much I'd paid off, so I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I realized that through applying some of what I've learned from Clever Girl Finance over the past year and half, my debt had reduced by a significant amount.

I still have a lot to learn, and I still slip up and make silly mistakes like paying for fast food because I forgot to pack my lunch for work. I still inwardly panic if I get an unexpected bill, but I know that I'm a Clever Girl and I've got the tools I need for a financially secure future for my family!

If you'd like to learn more about Clever Girl Finance, click here.

You can also follow on Youtube or listen to the Clever Girl Finance podcast.

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