November 30, 2018

Berry Lovely Links


Thank God it's Friday! Today's the last day of my 30 Days of Thanksgiving challenge on Instagram (follow me @BerryDakara) and just like that, tomorrow is the first day of December!!! The year is pretty much over! Where did 2018 go? I won't lie, I'm looking forward to 2019 and hoping and praying for a much better year. I shall be using my Goal Getter Guide to map out what I want, and the steps I need to get those things. I hope you'll come back tomorrow for the launch of my FREE Goal Getter Guide!

Without further ado, here are my links for the week!

  1. My sister and I were talking about how there isn't enough representation of black/dark-skin in the fashion industry, and she said WE need to start our own companies . Well, a great example is of a model who started the World's First Black Only Modeling Agency.
  2. I think everyone has read at least one book by Danielle Steel, but did you know she's written a whole 174 books???? Check out this Interview with Danielle Steel to learn more about her.
  3. The #MeToo movement has made it possible for some women to move up in power. Read from 12 Women who have Taken their Seats in the Corner Office.
  4. Did you know that You Can Start Investing With Just $100?
  5. I thought this was a nice article from Eziaha - Stay-At-Home Mum, Rock Out Your Season.
  6. I love the photos from this Memories: Throwback to Past 2018 Naija Nomads Trips post.
Have a pretty darling weekend!

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