October 15, 2018

Discover Georgia - Wild Safari

Hi there!

I have another Discover Georgia post for you today - this is my travel series, highlighting different destinations and tourist attractions within Georgia (because Atlanta is NOT Georgia, only a city). We visited Wild Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It's basically a park that offers the safari experience - most of the animals are free to roam the park grounds - and you can either drive through in your car, or hop on one of their buses, and quite a few of the animals will walk up to you looking for treats! To be honest, when people talk about traveling to Kenya to go on a safari tour, I'm one of the least interested. It could be due to my fear of animals... I guess they're nice to see? Anyways, since I know I'm not going to visit a real safari, I jumped at the chance to go on this mini one right in our backyard. It was a fun experience, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I'll let you enjoy the photos now.


Have you ever been on a safari? Let me know!

I hope this post inspires you to explore a little more. You never know what hidden gems are close to you.

And I wish everyone of you a very pretty week.

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