October 12, 2018

Berry Lovely Links


Fridays can't come soon enough for me. I like having my weekends free (upgrade from my previous job). It gives me time to catch up on errands, indulge in a little self care, and enjoy time with Cocoa. And hopefully, since I think I'm getting back in the swing of blogging, I will have time to catch up on other blogs and Youtube. Share any links you think I'd like in the comments! And, check out MY links that I think you may enjoy.

  1. While on our cruise a couple of weeks ago, a tour guide told us what life was like working on a cruise. Can you imagine working 7 days a week for 8 months at a stretch?
  2. This couple has decided to Date without texting. Could you do it?
  3. If you're interested in your personal finances, check out 10 Money Apps recommended by experts.
  4. Can you guess what country has the title of Most Powerful Passport?
  5. All those food posts on Instagram are serious business for some people.
  6. I thought this gave interesting insight into why Africans don't travel within Africa. Funny enough, Tanzania just decided this week that Nigerians can no longer get visas on arrival. And they did it without notice!
I hope you enjoy your weekend. Have a pretty one. God bless!

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  1. Hi Berry. These are interesting links. I'm particularly grateful for money apps link. I could use some more organisation of finances! Also interesting to read the most powerful passport! (Don't want to give it away)



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