December 9, 2016

Berry Lovely Links

HO MAI GERD, it is freaking cold ooooooooooooo!!! Somebody send me a steaming pot of chicken pepper soup please!

Yay to the weekend again, but boo to working the whole weekend :( Check out my list of links for your reading pleasure below.

  1. 20 Ways to Reward Yourself on a Weekly Basis has great ideas. I need to do 1, 14, 17, and 19.
  2. I can't even lie, I also had Snapchat Struggles when I first downloaded the app. I still don't get what the number under profile names mean.
  3. What if your experience of your First Time Flying on a Plane was live-tweeted?
  4. This woman legit had an Orgasm a Day for One Month!
  5. Be like Cakes and I and see Why You Should Delay Your Honeymoon
  6. This Is Your Womb is a very raw, detailed and personal essay from a young lady who has hoped to get pregnant. You might need tissues for this one :(

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