December 2, 2016

Berry Lovely Links

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, my second favorite month of the year is here! I love Christmas time, the reason for the season, and the feeling of hope that surrounds this period. As the days lead up to Christmas Day, I've found myself interested in doing an Advent devotional plan on Youversion. Confession - I didn't know what Advent was until earlier this week *hides face in shame* Anyways, I'm kicking off this week's links with...

  1. List of Advent devotionals on Youversion if you're interested. 
  2. I quite enjoyed this article "I Don't Ask My Spouse for Permission."
  3. I got this link off Facebook and laughed so hard I cried - 19 Pregnancy Brain Fails!
  4. Check out these 7 Things You Need to STOP Telling Yourself.
  5. Should You Allow Another Website to Republish Your Content shares great points to consider before saying yes. 
  6. Have you read Chimamanda's interview on Elle about Fashion Week and Loving Fashion?

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