November 24, 2016

BERRY VLOG: I was Kicked Out of Church!!!

NO JOKE!!! I've actually shared this story on the blog before, but decided to retell and revamp it for my Youtube channel. Check out the short video to see why I was kicked out of church!

For everyone who has limited data, I was kicked out of church because of what I was wearing. :(

I have another interesting topic for the vlog coming up this weekend! Subscribe to my channel!


  1. LOOOOOOL @everyone who has limited data... You really understand your Nigerian system and purchase of data.

    Will watch it later when i get home.

  2. That woman should have known you from some where before that day. The dress is not bad and as far as i know during weddings nobody looks at cleavage.
    Entertaining and funny story my dear!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I get not recognizing/appreciating what bodily 'assets' one hs and then wondering what the fuzz is about it. That church bouncer own too much sha. Wetin. The dress isn't bad. Lol.

    Inez | My Small World

  4. Lols@for anyone who has limited data. So me.. But luckily today I just subbed so am definitely gonna go watch Lolz

  5. Oh my! Why I'm I not surprised! Some of these women will leave what they are supposed to do and end up creating a wrong impression just because of their own personal judgment. Meanwhile few days ago I was watching my wedding pictures and I spotted you with the scarf and cap seated next to your parents in the church and I smiled because I remember you mentioned this earlier. But watching this video now, I'm laughing so hard especially with the drama she acted trying to block you and still coming over the 2nd time when you came in. I apologize and just to make you feel better, we will consider naming our daughter after you just as you requested in your red carpet interview that day. Thank God you could still join the service and yea we sure had fun that day.

  6. Hahahaha I watched on YouTube!
    I may not be a cleavage showing girl but it looks like that woman had a person problem with you. Besides, I don't understand the concept of kicking people out of church.
    I was once kicked out from a police station by a police woman for wearing a sleeveless Ankara blouse. Ha!
    I had to go borrow a shawl from a random woman to cover my arms before I could go in. Things happen in this life.


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