November 17, 2016


I know it's something I've talked about here before - all the negativity that's out there in the world these days, especially online and social media. Here's a short message from me to you today to show some kindness to people in your sphere! You never know who's watching or whose life you're touching.

Can you share something about kindness in the comments today? Maybe tell me how someone was kind to you, or how you were nice to someone, or just something you're going to do today that will make someone feel good!


  1. I absolutely love this picture of you. I'd love to see you wear this hair more. :)

    There goes my kindness to spark up your heart. Bless!

    Read this interview and thought of you.

  3. Hi Berry. Watched a couple of your youtube videos. You actually look like my childhood classmate Anita. Anyways I love the blue dress, is it something I can buy online also luv the weave can you share the name? Thanks and best wishes.


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