November 28, 2014

This Weekend: A Stage Play 'Promise of the Future'

Hey everyone,

I was invited to see this play by a very intelligent and high-achieving young lady, and I thought it would be great to share it with you. Sorry the post is coming late, but if you haven't made plans already, you have a chance to go and see this enlightening production.

TEECOKS LITERARY INITIATIVE  #TLI  is at it again as it presents a stage play titled ‘PROMISE OF THE FUTURE’ a manuscript written by TOWUNMI COKER.
For those of you who haven’t heard about TLI, it’s a literary initiative aimed at impacting its environment through literature. One of its activities is the annual writing competition for secondary school students in Lagos State.
Promise of the Future is a stage play (based on a book of the same title that's out this November) that mirrors the life of a young girl, Ajoke, in her sojourn to better life and livelihood. Life takes a sudden turn when 12 year old Ajoke loses her parents in a fire accident. She becomes a maid and slowly has her life ruptured by the turn of events. There are twists as time slowly morphs her to a beautiful lady, but does the promise of the future hold beauty or more pain?

This play commemorates World HIV/AIDS Day, not just address unspoken fears but to enlighten and entertain. AIDS Awareness is essential to every individual across the world.

Venue: Main Auditorium, University of Lagos,   29th November 2014,    1pm,  4pm
Tickets: #500 for students with ID card       #2000 for adults         #5000 VIP

There will be enough fun and merriment, with lots to eat and drink. There will also be free gifts for the first twenty people to arrive.  

For more details call 08033843334 and check You can also follow @teewrites on Twitter.

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