February 8, 2014

Date Night!

Here's the thing with Nigeria - you tend to do the same things over and over and over again. Someone like me gets bored and likes to switch things up. That's why I go to watch stage plays at Terra Kulture, enjoy different cuisine like Indian, Thai, etc (I had really nice sushi the other day), and get married on beaches. :p

Anyways, I was browsing on Facebook the other day and saw this flyer

I was immediately intrigued, because the few times I've gone to events at A White Space, I've had lots of fun. I decided to surprise Cakes with a date at the February 7th event - Dinner and a Movie. The movie that was supposed to be shown, Before Sunrise, ended up having technical difficulties, so we ended up watching 'Moonrise Kindgom.' The food and dessert was superb! I have to find out who cooked cos they did a great job. Anyways, here are some pics for you :)

There was a LOVE Wall, where people had written different quotes about Love.

Lol at the "Are you wet" drawing

LOL, somebody's not happy


Candlelit dinner. Soooo romantic

I had prawns and pasta that was so yummy! I remembered to take a picture of dessert AFTER I finished eating it

Of course, the activities there go on until next week. Cakes and I are threatening to attend the Speed Dating one, just for the fun of it :p But really though, if you know any great, single guys, tell them to head on over there tomorrow (Sunday). I dunno why Nigerian guys are shy about these things. They need to think about the "How We Met" story, if they end up meeting a wife at the event!

Okay I'm going back to my day of NOTHING TO DO!!! Funnest times :)

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  1. This looks so romantic and cool, really like the love wall.

    ps Love the Skirt!!!


  2. Nice one..
    Married and still dating..
    Way forward.

  3. Nice 1 Mrs Cakes! and of course u took wayyyy more pics than Cakes! LMAO...women sha...llooooolllllll

  4. Oh goodness, seems fun. Romantic times.

    And Mr Cakes is shining, result of married life yeah? Welldone Berry! Just teasing.

  5. Awww this looks lovely! I've been to A White Space before and I love the idea and concept of the place. Very creative!
    You and Cakes look good! xx

  6. Now I just wanna get married. :D Pls drop by my blog. I'd appreciate it

  7. Mrs cakes i really luv ur blog esp ur random posts...cracks me up big time
    wot happened to 1st kiss fridays *crying*

  8. Awww, very romantic. Love the love wall. Many funny love quotes.

  9. Love this idea, and you're right dating in this city can get very monotonous, always looking to try new places and things.

  10. Hey Berry! Thanks for coming by The Love Hub for your Date Night. I hope you guys had fun. I'm glad you liked The Love Wall. It was completely full by the end of the week! Cheers!


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