October 28, 2021

Life Update: I Bought A House!!!

Errrr, how do I just randomly come back like I haven't been gone for months? Well, just like this...

Hiiiiiiiii! It's been forever and a day!!! Probably longer actually. I hope you've been good. Let's just blame Instagram and life for taking my attention away from here, shall we? No? Okay sorry nowwwwwwwww. I apologize. Biko, e jo, mi dispiace! I know I'm like the thousands of other bloggers that come back from out of the blue and promise to post regularly and then disappear. Truth be told, blogging isn't as fun as the "olden" days because then there was a real sense of community (that has now moved to Instagram and/or Youtube). I don't read as many blogs as I used to but there are a few women I'm faraway proud of for keeping their blogs going... Ijeoma Kola, Mattie James, Cassie Daves to name a few. I envy them a little I'm not going to lie but hey, I'm here with a life update... I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

Y'all remember I left Nigeria back in 2016 and at the time, the thought was that my almost ex-husband (more on that soon), and I would stay with my parents for a few months, work/start a business and then move out to our own house. As you know things didn't quite pan out that way. Yes, we had the child we prayed for, but our marriage didn't make it, and I struggled quite a bit financially. But thank God for His grace as things turned around slowly but surely and today I'm the proud owner of a house! 

In a later post, I'll probably share some photos/video but for now I wanted to let you know that this happened and to encourage anyone who's been stuck in what seems to be an unending low phase. Keep going, keep putting in the work, every little bit helps!

Check out my little chit chat video about this home-buying process (yes, I actually posted on YouTube after like 3 years away!)


  1. aw, yay! i'm so happy for you! congratulations!!

    Xx http://theactivespirit.com/

  2. Congratulations Berry! More wins!


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