November 1, 2021

How Early Is Too Early for Makeup

 As an impending parent a few years ago, if anyone had asked me how early I'd allow my child to wear makeup, I might have said maybe when she reached the double digits (10) or maybe even teenage years. It wasn't something I was necessarily beholden to, but somewhere in my mind, I think that would have been my answer. This comes from my thoughts that kids are growing up seemingly much faster than previous generations, as well as the not-so-great effects of social media on their minds, confidence and self-esteem. 

So how come I started allowing Coco to "wear makeup" at 2 years old? LOL! This is where I want to plead the fifth and say, "Go ask her grandmother please." This is where I'm also hoping my mum doesn't read my blog anymore to see that I'm trying to pass this off to her. But seriously though, my mum and I wear makeup... especially my mum. She barely leaves the house without makeup. In fact, there have been times when she has refused to let ME leave her house without putting on some makeup (Yes o, at my big age). I think Coco watching us wear makeup since she was a toddler was the beginning of that. We actually had a running joke for a while that if the house was too quiet, chances were she had gone to grandma's bathroom to play with makeup! 😂

It got to the point where this year, I actually found a child friendly makeup set for my sister to buy as a birthday present for Coco. It's something that she enjoys playing with, and if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen her weirdly improving makeup techniques on MY face.

Of course I watch the way I let her wear makeup. She can't wear makeup to school (I'm standing my ground on this one until she's maybe 15 or 16). She can wear it at home when she's playing dress-up. And occasionally I'll let her wear some to church or if we have a party to go to. In our case, there's really nothing adult with her wearing makeup and it's a fun no-technology way for us to play and bond together.

What do you think about kids and makeup? I've seen some little MUAs with YouTube channels that make me go WOAH (in a good way o because I can see them making money early). In any case, here's a short fun video of Coco and I doing our makeup before church.

Have a great week ahead! I pray for a month full of peace, joy, thanksgiving and love for you and yours this November! 

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