March 8, 2019

Berry Lovely Links


I've had such a hard week! I thought last week was bad, this one came with even more challenges. I posted on my Instagram Stories yesterday that some seasons, it just seems like it's one thing after another - and you actually get so tired that you don't even have the energy to care. LOL. That's me right now. Like WHATEVER! Keep throwing the arrows, I can't kill myself. With that being said, how about some fun links for ya?

  1. I had to write a bio recently, and I was stumped. Here's How to Write a Short Author's Bio.
  2. I turned off my phone for the majority of this week, and you may need to as well, if you have any of these 7 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox.
  3. Wanna learn How to Save $1000 At Any Salary Level? I was pleasantly surprised to see Bola of Clever Girl Finance quoted in the article. 
  4. LOL, you'll never believe some of the Items Forgotten in an Uber.
  5. I am trying to do this There's Always a Reason to Wait Until Tomorrow.
  6. I enjoyed reading How I Spent My Oprah's Book Club Money

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