March 22, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

Hello darln's!

I'm really sorry about my impromptu break from blogging this week, but I needed the time off. I've had quite a bit on my mind and thinking about my life and what route I want things to go. There might be some changes soon - I'll let you know though. I hope you had a pretty week and look forward to a restful weekend. I've found myself missing certain elements of Nigeria - my friends there, food, and having my own place. But mostly, small chops is what I miss :( And shawarma. Ah well. I hope you enjoy these six links from around the interwebs.

  1. I thought reading about this lady who Babysits for Wealthy Families was interesting.
  2. I know a lot of people freaked out last week, but What Really Happens When Instagram Goes Down?
  3. I'm featuring the writer of this piece in my WCW Feature next week - she wrote about Dealing with Life's Plot Twists.
  4. I'm usually not one to covet someone's closet, but Brighton's Closet Reveal literally made me go "Wow!" I want a pretty closet too - with a lot less stuff though. 
  5. I'm in the process of doing this at work. Here's How To Find A Mentor.
  6. If you're into travel, then this Journey to the Disappointment Islands will surely be a treat to you! Funny enough, it made me long for a peaceful, serene place like my dad's house in his village or a quiet beach-side. 


  1. Hello Berry! Welcome back to blogging. I've never been to Nigeria and would love to visit but hubby is dragging his feet a bit. Anyway hope you get to go back soon and satisfy all your cravings. Ha! Any way I want to thank you for sharing the blog post about plot twists. My family have dealt with a few in the last couple of years and they have been unpleasant. So it's nice to read some of her tips. Have a good week Berry.


    1. Thanks lady. Nigeria is fun to visit - hopefully your husband will be more interested soon.

      I don't see myself going back for a while though, so I'll have to manage my cravings.

      I hope your family has fewer plot twists (unless they are the good kind)!


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