March 4, 2019

Life Lately: February 2019

Can we all breathe a sigh of relief for the end of the whirlwind month of February? It was like February started and finished in 3 days! I for one, am happy it's gone and I hope March slows things down a little bit. It doesn't seem like it will though, because it's already the 4th and March just started yesterday! What gives?! Anyways, here's my life update for February. I hope you share yours with me in the comments.

Little Miss Cocoa
My darling girl is growing so quickly!!! I still remember taking the pregnancy tests like it was yesterday (yes, I took two because after I saw two lines on the first one, I wanted text confirmations as well). As quickly as she's growing, she's also really finding her voice and making her pleasure (and displeasure) known. Some days she wakes up and decides that the answer to everything is NO!
Here's an example below

Reading was a challenge in February. I think that I may have overdone it in January by reading 4 books, instead of the 2 I originally intended. I had books on my list, and even borrowed 5 books, but was able to complete one.
The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. To be honest, I didn't really like it. It's on a lot of "Best Books to Read" lists and it took me a while to get into it.
I also started listening to Michelle Obama's Becoming, but it expired before I could complete it, and I've put yet another hold for the book. I've put the audio, CD, e-book and paper versions on hold since December, and I just want to finally finish it.

I don't know if I watched anything that really caught my attention. WAAAAAAIT! That's a lie. My mum and I watched this really sweet movie on Youtube one random evening. It's called Plan B, and it's a Kenyan film with a Nigerian actor as the leading man. It's just an hour along, and I think you might enjoy it as my mum and I did.

I'm still in the same position as before. I applied to a few positions but no forward movement. I was able to attend some career advancement workshops in my office. I know I need to tweak my resume a little bit, and going forward will be recording my weeks at work. I found that I downplay my achievements quite a bit, maybe because I don't feel like they're anything worthwhile, or from still struggling with impostor syndrome. Wish me luck!

Random Challenges
I didn't mention them here, but for no reason whatsoever, I decided to abstain from drinking Hot Chocolate in February. You know how people can't function without coffee? Sometimes it's that way for me, but with Hot Chocolate. I also decided to do a 30-Day Black and White challenge, where I wore only Black and White outfits for, you guessed it, thirty days! I took some photos, but would like better ones to show you guys. Hopefully, I'll have a post up about it some time this month.

How was February for you guys? What did you do, see, eat? Where did you go? Who or what did you love? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

*Editor's note* I made a rookie mistake this morning and this post came up unfinished. So if you saw the incomplete post, earlier, my apologies. If you're only seeing the complete one and never saw the incomplete post, find a way to erase the memory of seeing my previous sentences, and pretend I'm THE PERFECT blogger of life :p


  1. Finally snapped out of the funk I've been in since January, not 100% but much better. Finally finished writing the post and submitted, hopefully it should be up soon. Work ! Work! Work! Greetings Berry and Cocoa

    1. Yay, that's good to hear. Any progress, no matter how little, is progress.

  2. Hi Berry, nice to see you smiling! I thing February seems to have sped past as fast as it did because there is just too muchh going on, both in and offline. I think I must confess, that I tooo have not finished The Alchemist. I liked the message behind it, but the whole book like felt like it was trying to get somewhere but never reaching. Lol! know it's not a great description, but that's the only way I can explain it. Guess what, I also gave up something in February - COFFEE. I was drinking too much and was becoming dependent so I decided to challenge myself.

    Looking forward to more updates.


    1. Ah ha, someone else who's iffy about The Alchemist. I mean, I got the point but bleh. Not for me.

      Funny that you gave up coffee, while I gave up hot chocolate. Great minds, aye?

  3. Lol. Really interesting. I've been seeing that kenyan movie all over youtube. Would definitely give watching it a try then.


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