November 19, 2018

Long time no style post!

I have not done a style post in a VERY LONG time, for a multitude of reasons. First, I don't have anyone to readily take my photos - my brother, who's photographed me a few times (like here and here) is pretty busy and I get tired of running after him. Secondly, I have not bought my camera remote control and I feel like I would do a poor job of taking my own photos (even though, I did so here and here). Thirdly, I just have not felt very inspired to show my style... I know I don't have great style, and sometimes I feel a little silly thinking of doing style posts.

So how did I decide to do this very quick photo shoot for a style post? For one thing, I was reminiscing my former partying days a while ago, and I remembered how much I liked wearing mini skirts and dresses. And I also loved my old brown thigh high boots (pictured here). Secondly, my biggest inspiration for this shoot was Nelo Osuji who blogs over at FashionatiOnline. She wears what she wants to wear and oozes confidence. So why not me?

It's Thanksgiving this Thursday, and I'm really looking forward to the time spent with family, and eating tons of food.

Have a berry pretty week!


  1. Oh hello sexy! Love the look, so thrilled to have inspired it. Please post more biko.

  2. LOVE the off-shoulder dress and boots! You even got the instagram pose down lol.

    1. You know the pose!!!!!!! BUAHAHAHAHA! My brother was like "What the heck is that?" I couldn't stop laughing.

  3. Love this yummy mummy Berry. Giving us the winter vibes.


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