November 23, 2018

Berry Lovely Links

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I planned on doing a thanksgiving post this week, but the week got away from me because I've been hard to work putting together a Goal Getter Guide that will be available for download on December 1st! It has taken up quite a bit of my time, and where I originally intended to just have a simple 1-2 page spreadsheet, it's become a full packet designed to help you figure out what you want for your life, and to set, plan, track and achieve goals to move you in that direction. I'm a little scared, nervous, anxious and also excited. I've gotten great feedback and constructive criticism from the few people who have seen it so far, and I can't wait for you to see it and start using it. I really want everyone to start planning for a smashing 2019!

Anyway, let's get to reading some pretty interesting links, shall we?

  1. I thought this story about Renting a Father for my Daughter was incredulous and a bit sad.
  2. Michelle Obama talked about going through marriage counseling with Barack, and this military wife wrote about How a Marriage Retreat Helped Our Relationship.
  3. This lady wrote about the 10 Lessons Learned after Leaving Life Behind to Travel Full-time.
  4. I stumbled upon Zinny's blog this week, and I think this article on How to Gain Work Experience as a New Immigrant has great advice!
  5. I'm looking to have a better productive life, so check out The Best To-Do List Strategy for Productivity.
  6. I shared Ufuoma's tweet this week, and you can read/download her Travel Finance Guide on How to Fund Your Travels. P.S. I already booked my first trip for 2019 this week - Cocoa and I are going to Canada!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the articles! Have a pretty weekend.


  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving Berry! Firstly, let me just say that I cannot wait to download your Goal Getter planner. I am already preparing for 2019, and it looks exciting. Also, thanks for sharing these links. I loved Career Girl Daily's guide on how to maximise productivity.


    1. Thanks Madeline! Have you gotten a chance to download it now, and what do you think??


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