April 14, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you've all had a good week. I know y'all in Nigeria have a looooooooong weekend this weekend - another thing I miss about Nigeria. Well, hopefully you have some time to check out the interesting round up of links I found this week.

  1. This Twitter thread about the most dishonest things cheating partners have done is hilarious!!!
  2. I remember the first "naughty" cake I saw from Cakes! Take a look Inside the World of Adult Bakeries.
  3. I never knew about The Dangers of Being a Bridesmaid in China!
  4. Everyone should please Read This Before You Post RIP Online again.
  5. Check out 5 Reasons Why Your Friend May Not Be Your Customer.
  6. And another funny one from Zikoko on why Superheroes Can't Survive in Nigeria.


  1. I like the zikoko one and the dangers of being a bridesmaid in chine. Very insightful


    1. That Chinese bridesmaids story was very shocking to me!

  2. That twitter thread! Crazzyyy things!

    Is Bridesmaid duty that serious?! And to think that bending to pick sprayed money was hard!

    And so true the link about before posting RIP online! Makes sense to sympathize with the family before going to post. No need for competition to be the first to post RIP!

    Definitely no hope for superheroes in Naija! LOL!


    1. I couldn't stop laughing at the Twitter thread!!!! As in, some people are just mean!

      As per the RIP post, I remember reading my uncle died on Facebook. Granted, it was my other uncle who posted it, but it wasn't the kind of news I was expecting to hear via social media.


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