August 22, 2016


It's been a while since I posted in this series. My Discover Georgia series was started to show you different tourist attractions in the state of Georgia, that aren't just restricted to Atlanta. I mean Atlanta is a fun city, but there are other things to see, eat, do and explore in Georgia. In this post, I'll share some photos and tips from our fun family outing at Lake Allatoona.

Lake Allatoona is about an hour away from Atlanta, and is one of many lakes in the Greater Atlanta area where you can have a lot of fun. Other nearby lakes include Lake Acworth, which is a few minutes away from me, and Lake Lanier (but there are way too many accidents there, so I would warn you to be very safety conscious).

Our spot of fun on Lake Allatoona was at the Paradise Boats jetty. Paradise Rentals has boats of different sizes, jet skis, and water toys that you can rent. 
We chose to go with one of their bigger boats, as there would be almost 20 of us. 

Before you can drive one of their boats, you are required to take and pass a short online course on Boat Safety. Since I wanted to drive, I took the course, and as a nerd, I got 100% on the quiz afterwards.

I really wish I could post photos of everyone else and all the fun we had on the boat. Unfortunately, after my recent scare, I'm VERY hesitant to post photos of my family, especially the kids.

We had the boat for 4 hours if I remember correctly, but since we started late, ended up with just 3 hours.

I made sure to wear my seashell necklace, which I made a long time ago. I found the shell on Elegushi Beach in Lagos, and it already had a hole for me to attach a chain through it.
We had lots of food and drinks onboard. Cakes made small chops - Atlanta people, place your orders o! Doesn't the photo below look like an ad for B&J Wine Coolers?
We were able to anchor in a cove for a good while and those who felt like swimming did just that.

 My boating license is valid for one year, so who knows, I might just do this again.
 Cakes was feeling like Captain James Bond :p

We had a lot of fun on the boat, dancing to Nigerian music, gisting and enjoying each others' company. There's nothing like a happy family!

The boat cost $600 for 4 hours. Of course, when traveling and touring with a large group, that cost is minimized when shared by everyone.
This outing reminded me of two places in Lekki, Lagos, where Cakes and I were able to rent jetskis for a fun day out.

Check out my short vlog from this outing below.


  1. The boat looks really nice, your family must have had so much fun on it.

  2. I get ecstatic anytime I see water, as a Rivers babe!lol. You take great pictures. Love all especially the first, where sky meets land meets water.

    1. Haha, me too!!!! That's why I wanted a beach wedding, and if not that, then a cruise ship wedding. Thanks a lot!

  3. So that means if the person failed the Boat Safety Course, he won't be allowed to drive one of their boats. Thats interesting and am glad you did it!
    I don't think i've been inside any Moving Boat before, but i hope todo so one day. lovely and amazing photos!:)
    My First Podcast and Life Lesson For You

    1. Yup, you definitely have to pass the course. It's just like driving a car - you need to pass the test. Boats are fun, just remember to always be safe and wear a life vest.

  4. That boat was made for Cakes! Loool. Looks like so much fun. That photo with so sister in it is just so pretty. And you look so slim in that dress! Apparently, I've realised Atlanta has amazing weather. If I ever had to move to the US, I think it'll be Atlanta!

    1. Hehe, Captain Cakes! He really enjoyed it.

      Atlanta's weather is great but I dislike the heat during summer. Otherwise, all other seasons are pretty perfect!

      P.S. Slim in which dress? Nah mehn. Not even.


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