August 12, 2016

Berry Lovely Links


How's your week going? My week has been CRAZY! My new job is A LOT of work - as in, migraine-inducing. Okay, it's not just the work - I have been sleeping late and not getting enough sleep. But I'm adjusting to my new schedule and hopefully things should get better soon. Let's catch up on some links shall we?

  1. Check out this vlog on Porn Culture in Nigeria.
  2. I concluded my Social Media Envy series on Bella Naija last week, but forgot to share the final 2 links. See How to Deal with Social Media Envy and How People Edit and Curate their Social Media Feeds.
  3. Training to be a Good Writer has great tips for those of us who want to be better at writing... did you know I still have a hard time calling myself a writer?
  4. I literally laughed at loud at number 11 from The Stress of Having People Try and Pronounce your Name Abroad. Funny story, a friend of mine named Demola was told by someone who couldn't pronounce his name, "You know what? I'll just call you M."
  5. I liked going through The Presidential Wedding Photos You Never Knew You Needed to See.
  6. Speaking of presidents, this writer followed Barack Obama's Routine for One Week, and it taught her about Mental Toughness.


  1. Loving the link on being a better writer. Thank you :)

  2. Training to be a good writer was so inspiring for me.
    That stress for having people try to pronounce your name is real. Not with my name though but with my daughters'. With the expressions on their faces, you'll think they get a migraine just by looking at the names.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. You're very welcome Precious. My last name should be easy to pronounce but it always gets butchered.

  3. Great blog :) Check mine out.

  4. Hi Berry,

    I laughed so hard @ "You know what? I'll just call you M.", Ah, M is such a far cry from Demola, not even Dem. Lol

    Awww, you'll be fine. There are nights when I OD on social media and sleep late and then wake up with the grandmother of all headaches, I end up being so grumpy at work for the rest of the day.

    Thank you for sharing this curated list of articles, I am off to read!


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