July 2, 2015

Welcome to the Second Half of 2015


How do you feel about the year already being half gone? It feels like yesterday that Cakes and I were on the way to church on December 31st, then decided to make a brief stop at home first, and I woke up around 3am while he slept through all the knockouts and fireworks - we completely missed crossing over into 2015. Anyways, after the first quarter of the year passed, I promised I would do an update post of both my Blogging and Personal Goals. I procrastinated until kingdom come, so here I am doing the updates now :D

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BLOGGING GOALS (btw, clocked 600,000 views yesterday!!!)
  1. Interaction. I had thought about being more active on Social media platforms like Twitter, and even wondered about a BBM Group or Google Hangout. - But like a few people mentioned, I would need to dedicate a lot of time to those avenues. So I'm settling for having more comments on blog posts and Instagram. 
  2. Post frequency. I wanted to post 4 to 5 times a week. - Some weeks I've done up to 5 posts, other weeks 4, and even to my chagrin, sometimes I've done 3 posts. I've done 105 posts this year, giving an average of 4 posts a week. I think my post frequency is fine as is. No?
  3. Structure. I wanted to have a proper blog schedule, like bigger and more successful blogs do. - To an extent, there's minimal scheduling so far. Maybe I'll give it another go for this month. 
  4. Collaborations. I wanted to collaborate with brands this year.
    - I've had a few giveaways this year so far, and a couple of advertisements. What I'm realizing though is that if you're not getting products for free, then you end up spending a lot of money because you want to promote a brand. Unless you're getting serious discounts and earning commissions on sales through your blog, then I'm not sure this avenue. On the other hand, I would like to collaborate with other bloggers if possible. I have a collabo post coming soon with Naija Nomads, so yay!
  5. Post diversity. I wanted to include relationship posts, some DIY, hair posts/advice, style or makeup posts, and maybe even a video or two.
    - With style posts in particular, what I've noticed is that if I dress nice on a weekend, the outfit posts are part of my weekend post... and it seemed redundant to have a separate post just for the outfit. But you know what? Imma just roll with it. So what if I have 3 or 4 posts out of 1 outing? 
  1. Lose at least 10lbs.
     In March, I announced the good news, and then mentally gave myself another goal. But somehow I've slacked waaaaaaay off!
  2. Go on a Naija Treks tour. 
    - Which I did!!! Read through my Ibadan posts here, here and here :)
  3. #BuyNigerian this year. By this I meant clothes.
    - Some of the designers I've worn this year include Toju Foyeh (worn to twirl one weekend), Eve and Tribe (mini skirt from the Gidi Culture Fest, and jumpsuit from my cousin's wedding). Also shopped at The5KShop.com (remember my 1 Dress, 5 Ways post). I want to do more but I'm on a self-imposed shopping ban for now so...
  4. Learn how to wear a full face of makeup!!! Stella (of Stella's Addiction) holds makeup classes periodically, and I missed the first 3 (broke, out-of-town, clashed-with-schedule).
    - She's having one this weekend, and I'm finally going!!! Of course there'll be a post about it. And maybe I can do makeup posts in the future too.
  5. Read more. I signed up with GoodReads and hoped to read 1 or 2 books a month. Additionally, my cousins and I signed up for the Chronological Bible Plan on Youversion, because I want to read the whole Bible this year.
    - DO NOT EVEN ASK! Disaster much?
Have you gone through your goals to see how far you've gone towards achieving them?

I think I need new goals. Or maybe improve on the goals I already have.


  1. So far the half of this year has been amazing, praying for the remaining half to be more of a blessing. I also have blogging goals too that I hope to achieve.

    Fashion Rehab

  2. Nice. Your goals are realistic. I am proud of you...and your faux locs still looking badass mehn..shii


  3. Hi Berry, I've been following your blog for a while now and I love your blogging style. Incidentally, I just published an article on my goals for the rest of the year. You can read it here: www.preciouscore.com or click on my name. Looking forward to collabos with ya! All the best, dear.

  4. Hi Berry, these are wonderful goals. The first basic thing is to write down the vision and make it plain (Habakkuk 2:2) which is what you have done. I see you achieving them already! All the best.

    Mr regards to Mr. Cake. ;)

  5. My goals are in progress. Congrats on reaching 600K views, I say your post frequency is awesome. As for twitter I gave up on that a while back and collaborating with brands in Nigeria doesn't seem as advantageous as I thought but what do I know.

    Girl your stunning without makeup. Thoe colorful beauty blender sponges and nail polishes are enticing.

    Princess Audu

    1. Well, some people seem to be doing well with the collaborations - or maybe they look like they're doing well?

  6. You are on the right track, congrats on all the goals you've accomplished so far. It's becoming so hard for people to read nowadays so am with you on the disaster in reading. I've also ended up dedicating lots of time to my instagram...social media is a lot of work.


  7. This year has been good to me. I have crossed out a lot on my 'Goal list' and though there's still more, I'm grateful for what I've achieved and accomplished.


    1. That's great - to be thankful for what you've achieved while knowing that you have more you want to work for.


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