July 29, 2015

Berry and Cakes' Training Conversations

It's been a while since I did one of these. Remember our other conversations in The Car, The Kitchen, and on Foot Massages?

Background: Cakes started taking Karate lessons a few weeks ago, and is doing pretty well. We'll be watching TV and the next thing I'll hear is "HI-YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" and he's attempting to break the wall or somn random.

*One day, in the middle of the night around 3AM, I wake up to no Cakes in bed. The following morning...*

Berry: Cakes what time did you come back to sleep?
Cakes: Around 5AM.
Berry: Ah ah, what were you doing?
Cakes: I was training.
Berry: Oh wow, okay.

*thinking to myself *

Berry: Awww, Cakes is so dedicated to this stuff. Imagine him practicing in the middle of the night. And I'm such a slacker. I haven't worked out in weeks. I should be more like Cakesy Wakesy.

*on a different day, bragging to friend*

Berry: Ah, Cakes has started Karate o, and he's VERY serious about it. As in, he even does it when he wakes up at night! Fashi, nobody can mess with Cakes!

Time passes and one day, Cakes goes to drop me at my friend's house before going to karate class.

Friend: Cakes, you're going for your class enh? Nice one.
Berry: Ah, he's so serious with it. Even training at odd hours!
Cakes: Huh? What are you talking about?
Berry: Last week now, when you woke up... you said you were training.
Cakes: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Is that what you thought I meant? No, I meant I was playing FIFA 15 on the PS4.
Berry: I QUIT. :-|


  1. Too funny, I missed these conversations!


  2. Lmaooooo. Berry ooooo.


  3. LOL. Cakes be falling a chick's hand sometimes.


  4. I quit too. Looooool. I missed the convos too

  5. My husband does the exact same thing!!! OMG! Many nights I wld wake up alone in bed only to find hubby playing FIFA. God punish d inventor though. Playstation: stealing precious moments since 1990.


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