May 25, 2015

Happy 90th Birthday to My Grandpa

Happy birthday to my grandpa, who turns 90 today!!!

He is truly amazing. He's so young at heart, still very active and working (don't call him on some days at certain times because he has meetings); he still travels the world (as an honorable Rotarian); he even got an honorary doctorate last year; and he's such a great example of how to live life. I thank God for his long life and many more years!

Please say a prayer of thanksgiving with me and my family.


  1. Happy birthday, Grandpa! Keep aging gracefully sir. Howdy Berry!

  2. Wow,. Old age is a blessing. Happy birthday to your grandpa.

  3. Happy birthday pops!

  4. Happy birthday to your grandpa! Thanks to God for life and health.
    May we age gracefully.


  5. Wow. Long life is indeed sweet. Happy 90th birthday to your grandpa. May he live 90 more years *ducks chair*

    Public Disgrace of Singleness

  6. Happy happy birthday in arrears sir!
    If you can still live a full life, def I in my 20s can get working on that too :-) (inspired)

  7. Happy Birthday Berry's Granddad. More healthy years sir.


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