May 27, 2015

Berry Joyful Wedding Weekend

Hello dahlings!

My vacay is slowly winding to an end - Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Am I ready to leave my precious niece and nephew and come back to Lagos?! Nope, I just might cry on the plane :(

But before that, I can't remember if I mentioned that one of the main reasons I traveled was to come for my cousin's wedding in Boston. My siblings and I drove from Atlanta last week, and drove back the day after the wedding. Apart from making my crochet wig, I got to hang out with old friends (I lived in Boston for 7 years and got my first degree there), and we all had a blast at the wedding - of course there are photos of me dancing. Congratulations to the happy couple - I'm glad I got to witness the celebration :)

I wore a jumpsuit from Eve and Tribe, the same shop where I got the mini skirt I wore to Gidi Culture Fest. But it seems like the jumpsuit might have been a little big; plus I should have added a thin belt, I think. Anyways, I paired it with jewelry from MY wedding, and I was good to go.

Did I try small with the makeup? Say yes. 

Enjoy the photos, of which there are plenty!

NOTE: The photographs that don't have my watermark were taken by Eze One Photography (also the photog for Cakes and I's Baking-themed Engagement session).

Ada Ada dancing Ada in :)

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The traditional wedding was fun, although sha, it seems like Nigerians who live outside Nigeria give a whole new meaning to "African time."

The white wedding was 2 days later and we had a complete and total blast. I'm happy I agreed to the road trip with my siblings, instead of flying solo.

When friends become family. We've known each other for close to 15 years.  

The wedding reception decor was sooooooo pretty!


Sips tea

Yup, the shoes had to come off.

This was the funniest!!! In the middle of the photo, the DJ started playing Montell Jordan's "This is how we do it"

Okay, make sure you delete the dancing photos from your memory so that you can't blackmail me when Cakes runs for presidency. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Have a lovely rest of the week :D


  1. Agan! See groove. Berry ure one hell of a rocker o. Hehehe. Nice.


    Look at Bobby looking like the African Footballer of the Year.. My gosh, his wife might have to pay HIS groom price oo

    Tam Tam and Rexaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Buahahahahahahahaha, you're a joker. But I shall accept groom price payment!

  3. Ahn ahn! See Berry grooving!
    Yes, you did do a good job with your makeup.


  4. Lol!!! If the jumpsuit was too snug you wouldn't have been able to dance comfortably

  5. Erm.... Which of your female siblings is still single? :)

    1. Lol! I have only one female sibling that's single.

    2. Please make a short post on her, let's meet her :)

  6. Lve love your jumpsuit amazing... When you say siblings, do you mean that hot guy is your brother? La hot la cute la handsome.

  7. Enjoyment officer a la Berry

  8. Oooh. Had no idea you were a former "Bostonian". Love your red outfit!


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