February 19, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hi Dahlings!

I missed last week's edition because I've been feeling overwhelmed at work. Sawry!!!

grandpa saves granddaughter from ebola, female celebs plus size, how to live up to 115

  1. YouTube's 10th Anniversary was last week!!! Here's a recap of how it started.
  2. This woman tells you how to live up to age 115 - it's pretty yucky to me.
  3. Too much bad news in the world, so here's one inspiring story of how a Grandpa saved his Granddaughter from Ebola.
  4. Wow, the Oscars 2015 Goodie Bag is worth $125000!!! It contains luxury trips, jewelry and even vibrators - even losers can be happy :p 
  5. Did you know that the Age of Consent (to sex) in some parts of the world is as low as 13 years old?
  6. Why are men just weird?!?!?! Guys pay this guy to Photoshop Female Celebs As Plus-Sized. Yup, including Kim K, Iggy Azalea, and more.

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