February 9, 2015

Berry's Me-Time Weekend

If you thought last weekend was boring, then you'll cry on my behalf for this weekend. At least, last weekend I managed to leave my house. I think I should just stop making plans because recently they've just been falling apart. After planning to spend the weekend with my girls, cos Cakes was out of town, our wonderful government decided to postpone the elections, causing disruption and some protests around where I live. Safety comes first, so our girly weekend plans were squished like a bug!!!

Well, that meant that I had some by-force Me Time, so I had to find ways to keep myself occupied and busy. I'll share with you, some of the things I like to do when I have time to myself.

If I have a long stretch of time to myself, chances are that I'll give my hair some TLC. Usually, I'll detangle my hair while deep conditioning, then wash and flat twist. On Saturday though, I decided to do a DIY protein treatment on my hair (Protein treatments strengthen your hair, and helps stop breaking and excessive shedding).
Pre- hair regimen 
Protein treatment ingredients
All mixed up

See how coily my hurrs is!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know what my reaction was to the protein treatment - here's a video to show how that went... let's just say I shall NOT be doing home made protein treatments in the future.

I usually also decide to give my skin a treat too when I'm home alone. I whipped out my The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil face mask - it's supposed to help cleanse and refresh your skin. I do feel a deep clean face after I use it normally, but I'm very inconsistent with it.


In addition to giving my skin and hair some attention, I like to give my body some love too (get your mind outta the gutter!) How so? Food and exercise, innit?

After my face mask, I threw in 45 minutes of exercise. As you guys know, I would like to lose the 20lbs I gained last year. For the past month, I have exercised almost every single day. I've scheduled exercise in such a way that there's no way to avoid it during the week. I try to get in between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise during each session, and it includes cardio and strength training. I haven't done well with stretching though, and I've kinda hurt my knee so I've tried to take it easy, doing exercises that have minimal impact on my knees - except for squats, because I like them, and erm, Kim K's booty needs competition. 

My favorite app for exercising is Skimble, which you can download on Google Play Store (and iTunes, I suppose). There are hundreds of free exercise routines, so you don't bored. You do 5 minute sessions to 60 minute sessions, and exercises range from strength to yoga to stretching and so much more!

Another way I love my body is by drinking tea!!! I love tea! Well, I love specific teas. I'm not really into herbal or fruit teas, but give me Earl Grey tea any day and I'll love you too!

Oops, I ate all the food without taking pictures! Don't worry, it wasn't that much food. And I ate a lot of fruits too.

Me-Time can get boring, if I'm being honest, so I like to find entertainment! Usually, my go-to is watching TV - romantic comedies, classic movies on TCM (and now AMC too!), or reality shows (Come Dine With Me, everything on E!, etc). These days though, I also block time out to just read blogs via Bloglovin. If I don't read any blogs during the week, I have close to 100 posts to keep me company on the weekend. Additionally, I like to watch vlogs on Youtube (my current favorites are from Patricia Bright and Shirley B. Eniang).

Speaking of vlogs, I kinda made one on Saturday but I'm too shy to post it up :(

Okay, so that's what a day of me, myself, and I looks like. Oooh, I forgot to add that I twerk in front of the mirror just to make sure I've still GOT IT!

It's Valentine's week guys!!! A lot of men are mourning the postponement of the elections because they had deluded themselves into thinking there would be no V-Day celebrations. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Serves all of you right! Don't forget to call Cakes for your Valentine orders! The number is 08033118995. 

There might be 2 more giveaways this week. Congrats to Bluey on Instagram who won the O And G Pieces fabric. Don't forget the Valentine Love Box Giveaway from Luxe Beauty Lounge is still on until next Monday.

Have a berry pretty lovely week guys!


  1. you really gave yourself a nice time,my Saturday was so hectic,from ikeja to ogba to allen to oshodi and back to my house.So much entrepreneur to attend.Do have a blessed weekend

    1. Awwww. I hope you get enough time soon to really pamper yourself :)

  2. Lol at valentine day's now on.
    Note to the men.hehe.

    TLC looks great! Looove the exercise and face mask things.
    If we don't take care of our body, who will? :-)

    Happy new week Berry

  3. Nice one. i totally cherish me time esp when hubby aint @ home. from facials to movies to bloglovin, Instagram, Youtube and BBM Amebo.

  4. I read this post with a smile cos this is the sort of weekend I'd love to have and it rarely happens. I have been and still am, under the weather so I've been lying in bed and couldn't do anything. Luckily some me time on my phone got me a surprise gift from oandgpieces so it cheered me up some. Thanks for posting the giveaway Berry and I hope you have a much better weekend (just like u want) this coming weekend.

    1. Awwww, you're welcome! I hope you're feeling better now :)

  5. Someone named me tea junkie! I wish I had d time for some self love, been so busy even sleep is a luxury.

  6. lol @ twerking though.

  7. Please where can I get this face mask? I heard the tea tree oil thing is good for the face.
    Lool and I just swore off any facial stuff after using an astringent that was too strong and made my face pe and here I am asking for dace mask. Smh

    Also please , do you know any spot removers I can buy? I have this small circle spot in my leg that is spoiling my fine girl seriously!


    1. Hey lady. I buy mine whenever I travel home to Atlanta. But, I'm sure there are retailers that have Body Shop products here. You might want to look for a sensitive skin face mask, cos ain't nobody want your face to fall off!!!

      And erm, nope to the spot removers. I'm dark enough that most spots are camouflaged :D

  8. Youuuuu!!!!! Don't lemme lay my hands on you.

    Atilola's World

  9. How do you keep up with the exercise. I always stop after a while.

    1. I have it scheduled at the beginning of the work day. So I don't have a choice but to get it done or else no work for me.


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