January 13, 2024

Weekly Recap


To get myself back into the habit of blogging, I have decided to do a weekly recap! These posts will be similar to my Life Lately posts from days of yore. In these posts I might share a lot, or share a little depending on what I was up to in the week before. I hope you enjoy these little pieces of me that I share on this space :)


I'm a big advocate of libraries! As a somewhat avid reader who wants to save money, my local library is my go-to for books. Not just physical books though - audiobooks as well. I was pleasantly surprised a few years ago when I found out about Libby, an app that you link to your library card, so that you can borrow digital and audio copies of books and magazines. 

Anyway, this week I listened to 'You Could Make This Place Beautiful' by Maggie Smith. It chronicles the author's life before, during and after her divorce. It was a book that I could really relate to, especially as a divorcee myself. It was easy to listen to, as the "chapters" were short and straight to the point. If there's something I've learned about myself in the last year or two, it's that I prefer when people go straight to the point. In this Maggie takes you from her present, to before her marriage, back to the present, to while she was married, to the aftermath, and so on. She's a poet and she really draws you in about her thoughts and feelings through the dissolution of her marriage. I won't share any spoilers, but I would highly recommend this book!


I've been watching Season 2 of Julia on [HBO] Max, which follows author and TV personality, Julia Child. I've had an interest in Ms Child since the 2009 film 'Julie & Julia.' I'm definitely not a great cook, but I could sit for hours watching cooking shows! Anyway, I enjoy watching this show - the episodes are about 40 minutes long and cover Ms Child's time in France, returning to her TV show, managing her relationships, and more. If you're looking for light-hearted comedy drama, this is a good one to follow. Unfortunately I just found out that the show's been canceled and will not return :(


I shared on my podcast (yes, Mommy Oyoyo has a new episode!) that late last year, Coco said she wishes we would get back to doing "Mommy + Coco Time" again. When I read Mattie James' Everyday MAGIC book (see my shout-out in this post from 2022), one thing I knew I wanted to do to make my life more MAGICal, was spend at least 30 minutes with Coco. We did pretty good with it for quite a while, and I'm not sure how/why it got away from us. Anyway, we're back to spending time together every evening. I made sure to add the time into my daily calendar and our ritual now consists of us filling out our individual Question of the Day Journals (see hers here, and mine here), and if we have more time, our Mother-Daughter journal as well. I love our time together!


In December, I was having a rough time mentally/emotionally, and one of my sisters gave me a gift card to a spa close to home. I didn't mention it earlier but Coco's currently on a weekend trip with my mom (Grandma-Granddaughter Trip), and since I knew I would have this time to myself without having to think about who would babysit Coco, I booked a half-hour massage. Truth be told, if I was a much higher earner, I would have monthly spa sessions with massages, facials, body treatments, etc. But as a wise financial manager, I can only book such sessions within a few months of each other. Anyway, after my much needed massage, I also visited a nearby nail salon for a pedicure - this was also VERY MUCH NEEDED!

Well, that's about it for this week. If you have a chance, please listen to the latest episode of the Mommy Oyoyo podcast! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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