August 31, 2022

Life Lately: Hello September

 Yoo hoo! Does this thing still work? Lots of cobwebs, I see. Well cobwebs and all, I feel the need to come here and write a blog post. Is it for me? Is it for you who's reading? I don't know. But I feel compelled to write and write I shall. The easiest way for me to do this right now is with a Life Lately post like I used to do eons ago. *cracks knuckles* Let's get on with it...

MOTHERHOOD: Parenting is a funny thing. I shared on Instagram the other day how parenting is a rollercoaster of emotions. I'm sitting in bed right now at 10:15pm having scolded Coco to go to sleep an hour ago, feeling guilty for how I handled her bedtime. An hour before that, we were loving up and giving hugs to each other. It almost feels like in the span of an hour (sometimes less) I go from feeling stressed out from simply just being a mum to marveling at how much my daughter has grown (she's actually reading!!!) to wanting space and time to myself for peace sake, to watching her quietly from afar and just being so grateful for her. The other day she asked me why God gave her to me and I almost cried telling her that God knew I wanted a baby and he created her so that we could be mother and daughter. She's absolutely the biggest highlight of my life and as much as I love her, I have to ask "Why won't she just quietly go to her room and sleep when I tell her it's bedtime???????????" 

CAREER: I started a new job recently and it's a big boost to my career. I feel almost ashamed to say this but since I moved back to the US from Nigeria ( how has it been 6 years though?), I have felt like the job titles I had were less-than. I worked hard at them, don't get me wrong. I gave these positions great attention and effort but at the back of my mind knew I wanted more (position/title wise and of course financially). It made me feel a bit sad that at my age I was making pretty little (especially with the degrees and work experience I have under my belt) and I didn't have a fancy title like I see much younger people have. My new job is a step up and honestly the journey to here has been a long one. I can say though that it was fully God that brought the opportunity to me because I wasn't even looking at the time and it kinda fell in my lap. But I guess God decided it was time for movement in this area of my life :)

READING: I'm currently reading Mattie James' debut book, EVERYDAY MAGIC. Just the first chapter alone has got me reaching for my highlighter multiple times as what she writes about resonates with me. The premise of the book is finding ways to insert M.A.G.I.C. into your daily living. M stands for Meaningful, A is Aesthetically pleasing, G is Goal-oriented, I stands for Intentional and C is for Consistent. I haven't finished it but it's a great book and I highly recommend you get it.

Bonus read: Matthew McConaughey's book, Greenlights is absolutely beautiful to listen to. I find that listening to an autobiography or memoir in the author's voice adds so much richness to the words. Must listen!

WATCHING: I'm trying everything I can to NOT watch the new Game of Thrones show, House of the Dragon. As much as I enjoyed GOT (well minus the violence and language and terrifying whitewalkers) I had some guilt about watching it (you know, as an imperfect Christian). Now that the new show is here, let me not lie, I'm feeling left out but trying hard to hold strong because I want to "watch what I watch." I want to be careful about the things I'm listening to or watching or letting into my mind. There's a lot of noise out there...

Bonus: I finished Sima Auntie Season 2 in one day! I really enjoyed watching and all I know is Akshay is a total hottie! Also is an arranged marriage really such a bad thing? In the grand scheme of things, marrying someone with a good heart and similar values should be the move abi? I just don't know about her "marriage first, love later" mantra.


Why am I hungry at 10:52pm? I'm going to wrap up this blog post soon so I don't get tempted to run downstairs looking for food.

Why can't I just magically lose 30 pounds?

When will I record another podcast episode? 

When will I get out of my own way?

How can someone not be ashamed of owing people money?????

Will I write another post after this one?

Who knows?

Berry kisses and 38Hugs!


  1. Yay! Loved reading along ❤️

  2. Love this update! Congrats on the new job and well done with motherhood, it’s not an easy job but you’re doing the damn thing. That book by Mattie James sounds interesting and would love to read it too

    1. Thanks a bunch! I'm trying o. And you should totally get the book

  3. Hi Berry, its been a long long time. I used to enjoy following up with your blog back then, circa 2016, but then life happened.
    Your name came to my mind today and i was trying to remember your surname so bad, so i just went online (thank google) and typed berry nigerian blogger and found here again!!!
    I hope life has been good to you and family, cakes nko? i will sure come here once in a while now that ive found you again. stay awesome.

    1. Oh wow!!!!! Longest time aye? Well welcome back! I took an unintentional break for a bit, pivoted to podcasting (trying to get back to that and also my YouTube channel). But great to have you back here!!!!

  4. Aww. Well done, Berry. There has to be an award for people who write consistently over many years. As much as I love short writes, I struggle to go back to my blog. So, well done. There's something new about your writing, it feels familiar, but long encountered. It feels like Berry is coming back. Well done on watching what you feed your soul. It's a good decision you've made, and it's worth it, totally.

    1. For real! Consistency over a long time is commendable! I haven't quite been that but maybe with a little bit of planning and keeping my creative juices flowing, I can get back to a healthy rhythm. For me, writing this update post was pretty easy as I wasn't quite sure what else to write about. These days I feel like a tiny fish out in the big ocean of blogging, podcasting, YouTube (basically content creation) and out of my element. But I think going back to the roots of why you started writing in the first place might just be the trick. Or writing solely for yourself and if anyone else reads it, then it's an added bonus.


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