November 16, 2021

BERRY VLOG: First Home Closing Day and Empty House Tour

Hi there!

After posting numerous videos of what my house looks like on Instagram stories, I have finally put together a short vlog of my empty house tour. I also shared snippets of the day I closed on my house. I'm hoping to share a couple more home-owner related videos in the coming weeks or months.

P.S. I should say that I watched a few other empty house tours on Youtube and I'm not going to lie, I actually wondered if I should even bother with mine. 

You see, on Youtube, there are hundreds of videos of people showing off their brand new, custom-built shiny mansions/luxury apartments. I saw those and thought, someone's going to click on my video and ask "Wazzallthese? It's not even a fine house." But I mentally kicked myself afterwards because I refuse to fall into the comparison trap and feel less worthy. I'm pretty sure there are others who aspire to own a home in my bracket, and might feel bad if they can't afford the $300k plus homes/apartments they see on Youtube. I had a budget of $200k and refused to go above it for anything, because at the end of the day, I'm the only one paying the mortgage, abi? Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching my empty house tour! Check out some photos below as well. 

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  1. This is HUGE!!
    Well done, may this new step bring forth even greater blessings, joy and peace. May God's protection cover you and yours in this house/environment.


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