February 22, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

Thank God It's Friday!

Does anyone else feel like February has pretty much flown by? And my goodness, there's so much going on - Jussie Smollet's case, Nigerian elections, R Kelly's been indicted, Khloe's sister's best friend hooked up with her partner, etc. I just want to turn off all news, go to a beach retreat somewhere and sleep, eat, listen to the water for the next 3 months! How are YOU doing?

  1. In this blog post, Sade shares Learning to Walk Through Fire, after losing her job. You can feel the raw pain, and I appreciate her transparency.
  2. Still struggling with your finances? Here are 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Personal Budget
  3. I don't know how they have this information, but apparently this is how Cousin Meg Plans Her Day (Cousin Meg, as in Duchess of wherever, Meghan Markle.
  4. It's a long list of marketing gems, but here's How to Market Your Business on a $0 Budget.
  5. I cannot stress enough, the first point in this article about 3 Money Talks to have with your Significant Other.
  6. Have you ever wondered Where Fake Money in Movies Comes From? FUN FACT: I used to think that people who died in movies were real people who wanted to kill themselves, but didn't want to go to hell, so they agreed to die in the films. :-|


  1. I came straight from Sade's post to yours! You can say that again, February has been so wild, it went by really fast too. Hahaha love that you call Megan Cousin Meg! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Oh yes, Cousin Meg is just a darling! Is it easy to have black blood in the Royal Family? Nope, so she's officially our cousin!

      I don't know if I want March to go as quickly as February did :-\

  2. Just visited Sade's blog on Learning to Walk Through the Fire. Reading the post was heart-wrenching but reminded me to be grateful for whatever I have... I also managed to leave a comment there. Will check out the other links as well. Have a great week! - www.jamilakyari.com

    1. Thanks Jamila. Sade's post was too impactful to not share here. And I know what it's been like to be without a job for a few months...

  3. Hi Berry. It's Monday morning as I type this so rather than happy Friday, I'm wishing you happy New week! February has been a whirlwind of crae crae! Thank you so much for posting these links. I particularly like the article on five ways to create a personal budget. The 50/20/30 rule is quite helpful.


    1. Thanks Madeline! I'm glad the Personal Budget article was helpful to you. I'm all about improving finances :)

      Here's hoping for a quieter March.


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