January 3, 2018

Something is brewing - Tea With Cubes

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my teaser about something brewing. Well it's time to reveal what it is!

Late last year, my sister and cousin told me about an idea they had - they wanted us (yup, they roped me in without asking) to start a web-based talk show. To be honest, I wasn't the most thrilled. The idea seemed too lofty and I was afraid - I'm still afraid but thank God I have them and Him to lean on.

Unlike many of my ideas, we immediately started making the plans, having meetings, scheduling shoots and more. The photos and video were taken by my brother - his media company is Primavera Pictures (IG - @primapics). Our makeup was done by my trusted Zeezee (IG - @zeezeea) who happens to be Stillwaters' sister.

I hope you will join us as we embark on this venture. Starting this Sunday at 4pm EST, we will be live on Instagram, Facebook and maybe Youtube. We will discuss hot topics, current events and issues that are relevant to the everyday woman. Follow us on social media @teawithcubes

I think that's about it. Support your girl pretty please :)


  1. Congratulations on your new venture. Excited to see what Tea with Cubes will have to offer!



  2. Hey, hey! This sounds awesome. I will plug this into my calendar to tune in. :)

  3. Lovely way to start the year.

    Well done sis!

  4. Wonderful.
    Welcome back Berry.
    I’m glad ure back with a bang. Happy new year too


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