February 15, 2021

A Funny Thing Happened

 Happy Post-Valentine's Day everyone!!! 

Okay, y'all need to spill the beans - who got engaged, married, or will announce in 3 months that she's expecting a bundle of joy? LOL! I didn't do anything but work - I'm working weekends this month so I sat at home with my child and worked the whole entire day. But I had loads of fun on social media!

So last week, I had to get my car tires changed. My car was due for new tires and I finally closed my eyes, spent the money and scheduled my tire installation. While there - at a big box discount store - I thought I'd be able to sit in their waiting area during the hour and a half installation. Unfortunately, they had just a bench to sit on and I decided to go into the main store and look around.

While window-shopping, I happened upon the jewelry counter. The lady there was really nice and we started chatting about random things while I perused the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. I'm not sure if I've ever shared that I have big/fat fingers, so it can be hard to find pretty rings that fit. Well, NOT THAT DAY!

I saw this very pretty rose gold ring and when I tried it, both the jewelry lady and I gasped! It was just REALLY REALLY pretty. I wasn't too sure about getting it though, because I hadn't budgeted for it (you know, as a Clever Girl and all) but I thought back to my post about Valentine's Day For Single Moms. Point 4 stood out.

I can't remember when I stopped wearing my engagement ring and wedding bands. I remember loving my engagement ring so much (BUAHAHAHAHA, who remembers this post from when I thought I lost it?!?!?). While pregnant, my fingers expanded and I had to take all my rings off but after I had Coco, and with all the fasting and praying for God to save my marriage, I lost weight and was able to wear them again. BUT at some point, when I realized it was over over, I say "EFF IT, I'm taking these bloody things off and selling them." I haven't quite sold them yet but they're tucked away where I don't have to think about them.

Anyway, last week, I decided it was high time I replaced my ring and got something for me. I felt that if I left the store without the ring, I would regret it and keep thinking about it. Therefore, I treated myself. And the following day, while taking DIY headshots (which I'll share in another post), I decided to take some dreamy photos of me and my ring. I don't know about you, but the photos were FIRE!!! I'm such a beautiful woman! Like WOW!

I sha posted the photos on social media and inadvertently got tons of congratulatory messages on my engagement. To be very honest, I didn't plan to prank anyone but listen, the photos were too good to not post. So, to everyone who sent love and congrats my way, ME and I thank you! I'm not quite ready to date yet, but when I do start, I daresay I might share my adventures of dating as a single mother.

I hope you had a nice Valentine or Galentine. If not, I wish you a week of good food (inside joke with Coco).

Love ya!

Bodacious Berry.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Glad to see you are doing well,and yes, the ring suits you.

  2. LOL you definitely got me when you first posted it on IG.


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