April 22, 2020

Infertility Awareness Week and Trying to Conceive

Hey everyone,

We are in the middle of Infertility Awareness Week and I wanted to share some of the content that I have created around the topic, in case you or someone you know is looking for encouragement while trying to conceive.


1. My video on Trying to Conceive/Get Pregnant.

Almost 4 years ago, I publicly shared that I had been trying for almost a year and a half to get pregnant. I posted it because I needed to share my struggle, and also let other women know that they weren't alone if they were also trying.

2. Tips for Trying to Conceive

I posted a video later that year sharing some of the tips I was using to cope while waiting to get pregnant.

3. Ten Bible Verses to Help You While Trying to Conceive

At times, to be perfectly honest, it was hard to keep my faith up. There were times when I felt that God had forgotten me or abandoned me, or just didn't want to answer my prayers. It was important to remember certain verses that reminded me of God's goodness and His truth.

4. What NOT To Say to Someone Who is Trying to Conceive - Episode 3

While trying to conceive, there are certain things that a woman or couple does not need to hear. In this episode I shared some of the comments that were thrown my way before I finally got pregnant. I also share from my followers some of the things that were or have been said to them in their period of waiting to get pregnant. Listen in and learn what NOT to say, and what can be said to convey your support.

5. Endometriosis and Trying to Freaking Conceive with Kunbi Odubogun - Episode 9

In this episode, Kunbi Odubogun shares her story about her struggles with Endometriosis and Infertility. Endometriosis is a debilitating disease that is grossly under-reported by indigenous African women due to different factors including poor awareness, and taboos/shaming around periods/menstruation. It is also a leading cause of infertility and pelvic issues. This episode is a no-holds barred conversation and a very honest and transparent look at what some African women face and usually have to hide about and keep to themselves. 

6. Living with PCOS featuring Titi Oyebade - Episode 11

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal illness that affects about 10 million people in the world and is a leading cause of infertility. It is currently not curable but can be managed with medicine, nutrition and exercise. In this episode Titi Oyebade shares what living with PCOS has been like for her, having secondary infertility and aims to spread awareness.

7. How to Approach Someone who is Trying to Conceive - Episode 30

In this episode I talked about what NOT to say to someone who is trying to conceive. In this episode, women who are TTC share their opinions and input on what CAN be said and how to approach or address the topic. It is not one-size-fits-all. Whereas some women feel neglected, abandoned and alone if their loved ones don't talk about it at all, other women would rather not have the conversation.

For anyone who is still waiting for their children to come, my heart goes out to you and I know that it is hard. I know that you can have a crisis of faith. I know that sometimes you feel alone. And other times you want people to just shut up about it.

I can't say when (or even if) God will answer you in the way that you want, but I pray that you have peace while you're waiting. His peace that passes all understanding to keep you going especially in the hardest times.

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