July 26, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

Happy Happy Friday!

And happy weekend trip for me!!!!! I'm too excited to write anything, so I'll just say enjoy your weekend, innit? :p

  1. One of my favorite bloggers, Ijeoma Kola recently announced her pregnancy. And she shared How to Hide Your Pregnancy on Social Media. I remember hiding mine until the 6 month mark! It was HARD!!!!!!!!!!! If I ever get pregnant again, I'm torn between carrying you guys along and just surprising you with a new baby, LOL!
  2. I saw this article via Twitter, The Crane Wife. She called off her engagement and writes about how she took a lot of crap during her relationship, and the aftermath of ending her engagement.
  3. Cocoa and I are off on a weekend trip, and I most certainly did not follow this 54321 Easy System of Packing
  4. How to Ask Great Questions for Better Conversations has great tips for networking, meeting new people, and fostering 
  5. Check out these 12 Weddings Do's and Don'ts :)
  6. When I get to Vegas with the girls, I'm going to use some of the tips from 9 Posing Tips from a Professional Photographer

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