July 15, 2019

Aliens in America by Tambari W

My sister, Tambari, started shooting a photography series called 'Aliens in America.' Aliens in America is a photography concept by Tambari Wikina whereby groups of immigrants and children of immigrants are showcased within the spaces of America. It is her effort to show that America was built on immigration and that these immigrants are just continuing the story of what makes America great. They are adding to society not taking away.
 I was pleased to be photographed for her first set of photos in Atlanta and today I'm here to just share the photos. I hope you enjoy them.

The photos were taken on Red Top Mountain, by Lake Allatoona, which I've blogged about here in my Discover Georgia series. 

The makeup was done by myself, and the tribal marks by Tammy. The dress was made by my aunt, who doesn't have an online presence for her dressmaking business. 

Please follow Tammy on Tumblr, her USAfrican blog, and her photography Instagram account @Tambari_Photo.

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