January 1, 2016

Berry Lovely Links - New Year Edition

Happy New Year!!!

I definitely didn't want to start off the year slacking here, and I'm going to try to commit to posting these Lovely Links every single week. But I might need your help sometimes, so if you read anything interesting during the course of your day that you think should be shared, email the link to me (berrydakara@gmail.com) with the subject: Lovely Links.

Without further ado, here are the first set of links for you to check out. :)

  1. Are you ready to get your finances right this year? Clever Girl Finance has 12 Questions to ask Frequently that should give you a good look at your personal finances.
  2. Making resolutions, goals, or plans? Here's How to Make a Great Plan for Success and Stick to it.
  3. If you want to get closer to God, check out any of the many Youversion Bible Devotionals.
  4. Fitness resolutions are made every year. Here are 52 Health Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep.
  5. If you live in Nigeria I think that this article, How to Survive in a Struggling Economy when You're Not a Millionaire, gives three great points for how to evaluate life this year.
  6. And finally, here are 20 Reminders for the New Year.


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