November 8, 2013

This Weekend... FUN STUFF!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thank the Lord that it's Friday! And of course, there are fun things to do in LAH-GUS!

If you know me well, you know that I LOVE food! Yes, I do. Sooooo, if someone wants to drive me to Oregun, I would enjoy attending The Cajun Experience. It's only N2,500,  you get quality N'awlins food, and get to enjoy the pleasure of my company!!!

Before eating though, I plan to scoot myself on over to Naija Hair Can Grow's November Salon Day Out! There was a fierce TeamNatural vs TeamRelaxed vs TeamCantWeAllJustGetAlongWithHealthyHair battle on her blog last month, and that was where I took serious notice of her hair outings. So, if you wanna learn more about the different oils for your hair (which I've been talking about on African Naturalistas), come on down tomorrow at 11am.

P.S. I might not have a car this weekend, so feel free to pick me up :)

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