November 6, 2013

Random confessions

Hey people,

These are my confessions at this particular moment...

  1. Sometimes I wish I was like the ladies that are into looooooong Bralayvian hair. Like I want a center-part with loooong wavy locks. Actually ombre. But I honestly can't be bothered to spend that kind of money on hair, when there's gas to buy for my car, rent to pay, and other little indulgences. I would look hawt in long wavy locks, sha. Just saying.
  2. I can't seem to find the motivation to work out consistently. The TW Magazine Fit Challenge is over in 3 weeks. And all I have to show for it are the ability to wear an ankara jacket because my arms are smaller, and the knowledge that I can work out if I push myself. But my weight just goes up and down and it's depressing. Eating too is a problem. Monday to Friday, I eat fine. Then weekend comes, and there's soooo much to eat.
  3. I don't think positively enough. I know God is in control, but I always have a nagging doubt or worry about one thing or another. I should exercise faith. God, please perfect my faith.
  4. My 2013 Goals List was pretty much a #BIGFAIL by the middle of the year.
That's all folks. 

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  1. i'll rank mine this way...3,4 and 1. my 1st time here... please tell me the exercises you did to reduce ur arms.

    thank you!

  2. Ah-me, LMAOOO @ #1 - You don't have to be. As long as your hair is clean and free of dandruff...

    #2 - Congratulations on the ankara jacket! Also about weekday vs. weekend eating... I'm not saying you don't "undo" your weekday progress by going [over]indulging on the weekends, but there's also a possibility that you are underestimating your weekday caloric intake. Unless you're loading 5,000+ calories daily on the weekend, then that's not the primary culprit.

    #3 - Jeremiah 29:11! One of my favorite verses! Matthew 6:25-34. God has you in the palm of his hand!

    #4 - Err, do over next year? #tryharder #dobetter

  3. I am actually very worried about your number 3. When we have faith, and worry less, it actually pleases God that we trust Him. Please, try not to worry, and believe that God loves you and would work it out for you. And then cross the realm of believing, into KNOWING.


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