February 17, 2017

The Hurt Bae viral video

Have you guys seen this video that's gone viral in the past day or so? It features a conversation between a girl and her ex-boyfriend, where the topic of discussion is how he hurt her during their relationship by cheating on her.

I watched it yesterday and it was extremely painful to watch. Not only because you could see how hurt she still is even though they're broken up. Not only because you can tell she still has feelings for him, which are definitely not reciprocated. Not only because of his apparent nonchalance about the whole thing. But also because I've been there at a point in my life.

It took a very long time to get over. You think that because you move on to another relationship you're fine. You don't know the lingering questions that will nag you long after the fact... was I not good enough? Did I do something wrong? Maybe I wasn't pretty enough. Maybe I should have done every single thing he wanted. Did I not do this or that well enough? You don't realize that your emotional and mental state of being can be so affected that you can't even properly receive love when it's in front of you.

But I have to say this - it might take a while, it WILL take tons of prayer, the tears might seem unending but you will get past it. You cannot be blamed for someone else's cheating actions. They chose to step out, not you. You didn't make them cheat on you. You don't actually have that kind of power. It's tough but I urge you to look up to God, look within and realize that you're too good for that person who doesn't or didn't see your worth.

This goes out to all the past, present and future Hurt Baes of the world.


  1. This video brought back so many feelings. I have been in her position before and I can totally relate to how she feels as she asked him those difficult questions. The guy I'm this video is not in any way bothered about the fact that he inflicted pain on her . But that's the thing they never care hence why the do that in the first place . Anyway with time she will get over it . I mean I did even though it was hard . Accepting and coming to terms with it helped plus I am a believer so put my trust in God . Nearly 3 years fast forward I couldn't be happier .


    1. She did say she has gotten over it, although from the look on her face, seeing him brought back many feelings for her. Thank God for you and helping you get over the hurt!

  2. I watched the video and it was awkward and painful to watch. I was just so angry at the dude. And she's so pretty so it's not about looks or anything like that. May God give people who need it the strength to work out of abusive (emotionally or physically) relationships.


    1. It WAS painful! Like, HOW FAR?!?!?!?! Why are you so mean?!?!?

      A big AMEN to your prayer o, cos it's not easy.


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