March 18, 2020

It's Been a While

Hi there!

I know it's been a long long time. To be honest, I think my blogging days may be over - no matter what Vera says :p. I really haven't felt motivated to blog at all. At least not until today. These are trying times, with the global coronavirus pandemic shutting down normal day-to-day life. If you listen to the Mommy Oyoyo podcast (which I have been keeping up with), then you know that Coco has been under quarantine since a teacher in her school tested positive for the virus. Today is actually the last day of her quarantine according to the Department of Public Health. The plan was to send her back to daycare tomorrow, but at this rate, I may have to keep her at home.

Meanwhile, working from home with a toddler is SOOOOOOOOOO challenging! Today is Day 10 since Coco has been forced to stay at home. Imagine working a customer service job and having a toddler melting down next to you because she wants aksim (ice cream), wowwipop (lollipop), or Peppa Pig (Pepp... oh, you get that one). I've had bouts of cabin fever and feeling like the walls are closing in on us. I've been a little more irritable, which I detest. BUT I am trying to do little things to keep our spirits up. Every day, at least two or three times, I take Coco out for walks. Just yesterday it was warm enough to go on a benture (adventure) and we drove to the pond in our neighborhood. Coco was very excited to see the turtles, ducks, and geese, while I was petrified because apparently there are snakes in that same pond area!

I have lost track of time almost. I keep thinking today should be Thursday. Alas, it's just halfway through Wednesday!!!! I've been on a self-imposed social media break - only posting for Mommy Oyoyo podcast (IG and Twitter: @MommyOyoyo) and information I think is absolutely necessary. At this point though, I may get back to posting frequently on Instagram stories. I feel a need for community during this season of social distancing, while also realizing that I usually get beset with information overload.

Oh, and I'm back to gaining weight because I'm sitting at home. Yes, I'm walking more since I take Coco outside but I'm also eating a lot more now that food is available to me almost 24/7. Where I had started waking up earlier to exercise, I'm now sleeping in a lot later because I've been even more tired than before. That one is on me sha for sleeping later than normal.

What else? You would think that now is a great time to finally finish the laundry I started 4 days ago... no such luck. Please can you send a Whatsapp message after you read this post to ask if I've finally put the laundry away?

Speaking of putting the laundry away, I've seen lots of posts on social media saying that now is a great time to take this or that course, start this or that business, be productive, etc. While I understand that we should use every opportunity afforded to us, I also think that downtime might be a good way to approach this period. Take a course if you want to, but also take a break as well. Not every single moment must be spent chasing one thing or another. Sometimes, just rest!

I think I'm done writing for now. Sorry it's taken this pandemic for me to come out of the shadows. I will just post this headshot from my office so you won't be mad at me :p

Sending peace and prayers to everyone across the world.


  1. Aaaw Berry good to have you back on these blogging streets, even if it is just for one post. Thanks for catching us up on your life lately. You're doing an amazing job juggling everything whilst in isolation. I listened to the last podcast episode and it was so good! Now going to follow you on Twitter.


    1. Honestly, we miss ur posts. Good to know we can still listen to u.

  2. Awww Berry, you are doing fine. I have 2 toddlers to handle too while working from home. Some days are just errrrrrr...... I love your headshot btw, it’s so pretty


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