December 2, 2018

FREE Goal Setting and Planning Guide

I'll make this post short and sweet... my Goal Getter Guides are now ready to be downloaded!

There are two versions:

The first one is the Berry Dakara Complete Goal Getter Guide which is a packet that encourages you to think about your dream life; helps you break them down into actionable goals; tracks them and more! It is not designed to be completed on a whim. This version requires commitment and time to think deeply about what you want for your life, and to think about the steps that you can take to reach those things. One size does not fit all though, so feel free to pick and choose which pages are more in line with what you want.

P.S. This packet can be used for Goal Setting workshops and sessions. Just kindly email me - and I can tweak them for your specific setting.

The second one is the Berry Dakara Ultra Lite Goal Getter Guide, and this is a one-pager table that allows you to go straight into planning your goals. You can use this version to quickly set and plan multiple goals. It can be used in conjunction with the Complete version above.

To start setting, planning and tracking your goals - whether they are new year resolutions, quarterly/monthly goals, projects, etc - simply click here!

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