October 5, 2018

Berry Lovely Links

Hey there,

Thank God it's Friday! Even though I just got back from vacation on Sunday, I have looked forward to this weekend, so that I can just regroup and catch my breath. I've been thinking about going back to sharing some of the interesting things I read online, and decided to just take the plunge and do it today! But first, make sure you check my Instagram account (@BerryDakara) to see the CUTEST video of Cocoa dancing - she dances whenever food or music is involved!
  1. This story about Being a Sugar Baby is quite heartbreaking to me.
  2. In this age of Instagram, shopping for clothes has a new calculation. Check out Cost per Like is the new Cost per Wear.
  3. ​My sister Tammy has a very nice travel blog at The USAfrican
  4. T​he Blogger Point shares ​​​31 blog post ideas for October!
  5. ​Onyi Moss shares a very personal post on Endometriosis and Infertility.
  6. Catch up on all my Youtube videos​ this weekend

H​ave a wonderful weekend everyone. God bless.

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