March 24, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

It's the end of another week and boy am I happy for this weekend. I finally have a whole weekend off work! Tomorrow I'm heading to brunch with my girls... hoff kerse I shall share photos at a later date. What do you have planned?

  1. What's it like to be a black woman in Asia? Check out Finding Black Girl Magic in South Korea.
  2. Did you know that a lot of malls in America have been closed and abandoned? Well, check out the Oldest American Mall turned into Gorgeous Tiny Homes.
  3. Is Lagos Living as Good as it Looks on Social Media? Hmm. 
  4. Vision Boards have been around for a while, and a couple of weeks ago I read up on How to Create a Vision Board Online.
  5. Some people find this hard, but here are 17 Ways to Become More Interesting.
  6. I feel like the only person uninterested in visiting Asia, but if you are, check out Etiquette Rules in China. Oh and make sure you buy me a cool souvenir.


  1. I love 1 - 3. China is on my list of must - visit countries.


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